in my dream i’m
nearly to the airport when
a wave of anxiety hits:
i’ve forgotten to pack

i rush back
my suitcase passive-aggressively overflows
the bulging backpack
refuses to zipper shut

more stuff I can’t possibly pack
but desperately need
lies scattered about the room
mocking me

the plane is about to depart

the next morning
with great synchronicity
in the preparing for passover workshop
we talk about our own flights to freedom

shoshana-le asks:
in what way are you ready
to take your next step?

i realize

i am ready

my suitcase is packed
with my writing practice
early rising
day after day

the support i’ve gathered
the insights i’ve gained
the trust i’ve developed
the tears i’ve shed

all i need
is inside me

i open the door

black and white street
photo credit: Jeanne Waters


Veronica Beck

Veronica Beck is a technical writer, blogger, and formerly reluctant parent.

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