snow-covered tracks

the train whistles loudly,
we rock and sway as we
hurtle down the tracks

clutching the paper cup of
too-hot coffee i
stare mesmerized
through the rain-streaked window

landscapes rush by
and vanish
a sturdy, weathered house
cloud formations against
a vast midwest sky

here, now, and quickly

i desperately long for
something i can’t name

i take photo after photo
trying to capture

a dusting of snow
refracted light
power lines stretching
into the distance

a car on an otherwise
deserted road
stopped at the tracks
while the train
shrieks by

i want i want i want

i know
this heartache
this longing

to cling to what’s constantly

the dog
muzzle already
streaked with gray
the kids (oh the kids)
grown gigantic overnight

on hospice
the train approaches the
end of the journey

I take photo after photo

the train whistle calls
be here now
the trees sigh and murmur
let go let go let go

montage of snow from the train

Veronica Beck

Veronica Beck is a technical writer, blogger, and formerly reluctant parent.

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Jeanne Waters

Hi V Your poem is totally gorgeous. Thank you for writing it and giving it up to read. Hmm…did you let go of it by finishing it and publishing it? I never thought of letting go in this sense. Maybe that’s why my paintings on the wall seem so separate from me. I am no longer working on them, I let them go, and they almost seem to take on a different quality. Have they become more alive because we are no longer attached? Look what your poem has done! Love you, love your work, and of course the photographs… Read more »


I’ve read this several times now and marvel at the way you captured the desire for stability in a changing world, a world that does not allow static lives. And I want, I want… yes, I understand