I was sure I never wanted to be a parent. I was happily single and child-free by choice. And now my pockets are filled with kid crap—a Lego head, a sticky gum wrapper, a crumpled up dress from an abandoned Barbie doll.

It’s Kate’s fault. I fell ridiculously in love with her the first time we met, on a blind date in the middle of a March snowstorm. Kate, the love of my life … who just happened to have a two-year old, and was hell bent on having child #2. It was a package deal, take it or leave it, all or nothing, you’re in or you’re out.

I agonized. I fretted. I abandoned my logical, rational beliefs and consulted a psychic–who told me it would never work. I ran away to Bali to get away from it all.

In the end, I listened to my heart.

Things in my Pocket is about the unexpected treasures I’ve found along the way.

Be the Pond: Adventures in Mindfulness Practice With My Kids During Corona Virus Time

“Etta, I don’t think you’re supposed to lie down during meditation,” Otto remarked, with a sideways glance at me. He was clearly hoping I’d make her come out from under the kitchen table and do it RIGHT. Etta was sprawled on the floor, petting the dog, who was enthusiastically lapping up spilled popcorn and bits of mashed potato …

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